Boy names that start with L

L is for Landon, Lyle, Lucas, and lots of other lively baby boy names that start with the letter L.

LiamIrish names are on an upward trend right now and Liam is no exception. While Liam began as a short version of William, it…
LukeLuke is a perennial boys name favorite, and it’s not hard to see why. It simultaneously sounds steadfast and cool. Biblical…
LucasLucas has become the go-to name for parents who love the name Luke and its meaning of “light,” but not its popularity. As…
LoganLogan has become one of those “cool kid” names like Carter and Jackson. While historically Logan has been all over the place…
LeviThe third son of Jacob and Leah, the prophet Levi counted Moses and Aaron among his descendants in the Levite tribe. In the…
LeeLee is a gentle sounding name that is more often used as a surname or middle name rather than a first name. It hit its peak…
LandonEnglish:From the long hill
LawrenceThis name has been around since ancient Rome, but it still manages to feel modern. Lawrence has a very posh, British feel…
LouisEnglish OriginFamous warrior
LorenzoLorenzo goes back all the way to the days Lorenzo de’ Medici, merchant prince and one of the Renaissance’s foremost art…
LeonFrench:Lion. The lion is a figure in art and religious symbolism of many cultures; symbolizing kingliness and grandeur and courage…
LewisEnglish:Renowned fighter; a form of Louis
LarryEnglish Origin
LeonardoA strong male name with a fierce meaning of “lion” and “bold”, this boy name has spanned centuries from artist Leonardo da…
LeonardFrench OriginBold as a lion; name of a medieval saint
LamarFrench:Of the sea
LucianFrench:Form of Luke. Light; illumination.
LaneEnglish:Path or small roadway
LuciusEnglish:Form of Luke. Light; illumination.
LelandEnglish:From the meadow land; surname
LarsThis charmingly foreign-sounding name comes the Scandinavian translation of the Latin word “Laurentius,” which means, literally…
LionelCousin of Lancelot
LinusGreek OriginFlax; Linus is the Latin form of the Greek name Linos. In Greek legend, Linos was the son of the god Apollo and a music teacher…
LucianoDerived from the equally alluring Lucian, Luciano hasn’t seen major popularity in America. But as old school Italian names…
LamontGaelic Origin
LeifNorse OriginSon, descendant; According to Norse legend, Viking Leif Ericson landed his longboat on North American shores some 500 years…
LaurenceLaurence has long been established as both a given name and surname, along with it’s more common spelling of Lawrence. It…
LennonGaelic Origin
LeopoldEnglish:One of the sons of Queen Victoria, Prince Leopold was named after a favorite uncle of hers. Though it sounds a bit stiff…
LudwigGerman:Famous fighter; Ludwig van Beethoven is one of the most famous composers in history. He broke the norm of composing solely…
LonGaelic:Fierce; blackbird
LennyEnglish Origin
LeanderEnglish OriginLion-man; a figure from Greek mythology and also the name of a sixth-century saint who became the bishop of Seville
LangstonEnglish:From the farm of the tall man, town of the giant; “Besides,
They”ll see how beautiful I am
And be ashamed—
I, too…
LaytonEnglish:From the meadow town or settlement; a surname and variant of Leighton
LazloSlavic:Rules with glory. Short form of Vladislav, spelling variation of Laszlo.
LyndonEnglish Origin
LorneScottish:Variation of Lawrence
LennieEnglish:Bold as a lion. Abbreviation of Leonard.
LeroiFrench:The king.
LamarrFrench:Of the sea
LorenceEnglish Origin
LeslieCeltic Origin
LokiNorse:God of destruction
LondonEnglish:Place name for the capital of the United Kingdom
LazarusHebrew:Help of God; In the Bible, Lazarus, Martha and Mary”s brother, was brought back to life by Jesus Christ. The religious order…
LincolnCeltic OriginLakeside colony; This name of an early Roman settlement in England is widely recognized in the United States as the surname…
LuckyEnglish:Fortunate; Lucky is also used as a nickname for Lucas and its variants.
LukaRussian:Light; the Russian form of Lucas, and Luke
LennoxFrom the Shakespearean play Macbeth
LotName of a king
LexGiven its epic Greek meaning, this name carries a sense of grandeur and bombast in a single syllable. A remarkable name for…
LucienFrench:Form of Luke. Light; illumination.
LevHebrew OriginLion
LuigiLuigi has long been associated with the green overall-clad brother of Mario, but its classic Italian feel makes it appealing…
LenEnglish:Bold as a lion; an abbreviation of Leonard

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