Boy names that start with X

Yes, there are excellent X names for baby boys beyond Xavier, like Xander and Xeno.

XavierXavier is one of those rare X names that actually sounds cool and not strange. The name first gained fame among Catholics…
Xander“X” names are hot right now, and Xander (pronounced just like Zander) is leading the pack. Both rebellious and romantic,…
XenoMillennial parents are probably attracted to this name because of the “X”. But if you know your word parts, you’ll recognize…
XaiverEnglish:From the vegetable farm
XerxesXerxes, the name, has been around since the first century, but it got a boost in popularity following the 300 movie, which…
XabatEnglish:From the friend”s (or friendly) town or settlement; from Wine”s town or settlement; surname; variant of Winston
XenophonArabic OriginThe new house; popularized by the sixteenth-century Jesuit missionary Saint Francis Xavier
XimenGreek OriginRuler over heroes, monarch; name of a fifth-century B.C. king of Persia. He attempted an invasion of Greece that ended unsuccessfully…
XylonPortuguese:Lily; variant of Susan; used by the hostess of a popular Brazilian children”s TV show

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