Boy names that start with Y

From Yale to Yusef, we’ve got hundreds of name options that start with the letter Y for your young man.

YuriSpanish Origin
YorkEnglish Origin
YvesUkrainian Origin
YusefUkrainian Origin
YavinArabic:Easy, simple, homely, small; masculine version of Taysir
YacoubGreek:From the forest
YaronHebrew Origin
YsraelWelsh:Legendary son of Fflergant
YurikRussian:Russian form of Julia youthful
YahtoHebrew:Mountain goat; in the Old Testament, the name of a woman who killed the captain of the Canaanite army
YahyaAlong with Muhammad, Yahya is one of the most popular male names among Muslims. Yahya (pronounced like Yuh-Ya) is the Arabic…
YancyHindi:From the Yamuna river
YehudiHebrew Origin
YevgenyRussian Origin
YigalUkrainian:Ukrainian form of Eve life
YisrealNorse:The tree that binds heaven hell and earth
YissacharGraceful; variant of Igraine, the legendary King Arthur”s mother
YrjöEnglish:From the boar estate; from the yew town; place name, York in England, New York in the US; Duke of York is a title held by…
YsgawynFrench:Medieval form of Isabel devoted to God.
YumaRussian Origin
YuraBasque:Youthful, young
YuvalJapanese:Lily child or village of birth

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