Children’s Ibuprofen Dosage Chart

Wondering how much Ibuprofen is safe for your child? Find out with our helpful chart.

Children’s Ibuprofen Dosage ChartMotrin®

50 mg/ 1.25 ml
100 mg/ 5 ml
50 mg TABS
200 mg tabs
6-11 mos.
13-17 lbs.
1 dropper½ tsp1 tab 
12-23 mos.
18-23 lbs.
2 droppers1 tsp2 tabs 
2-3 yrs.
24-35 lbs.
3 droppers1 ½ tsp3 tabs 
4-5 yrs.
36-47 lbs.
 2 tsp4 tabs 
6-8 yrs.
48-59 lbs.
 2 ½ tsp5 tabs 
9-10 yrs.
60-71 lbs.
 3 tsp6 tabs 
11-12 yrs.
72-95 lbs.
 4 tsp8 tabs1-2 tabs

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