Girl names that start with F

Whether you prefer feminine, fierce, or French, you’re bound to be inspired by one of the hundreds of baby girl names that start with F on this list.

FaithFaith isn’t quite as popular as it’s virtuous cousins Hope and Grace, which may be a good thing. Equally as lovely and pure…
FatimaArabic:Captivating, sea fowl; Fatima was the daughter of the Prophet Mohammed and one of four perfect women mentioned in the Koran…
FionaGaelic OriginFair; feminine form of Fionn
FelicityEnglish OriginHappy; feminine form of Felix
FrancescaItalian Origin
FrancesLatin:From France, free one; feminine form of Francis
FeliciaFrench Origin
FayeEnglish Origin
FlorenceEnglish OriginBlooming, flourishing; Florence is often thought of in reference to a beautiful city in Italy that is considered a cultural…
FarrahFarrah, the name, was hot back in the 70s when Farrah Fawcett and her luxurious blonde mane were the trend du jour. Then…
FannyEnglish:Pet name meaning free; variant of Frances
FayFay is a short and sweet slip of a name that fell out of fashion after her heyday in the 1930s. However the name holds a…
FrancineFrench:From France, free one
FriedaGerman:Peaceful ruler; feminine form of Frederick
FlaviaItalian OriginGolden or blond; from the Roman family name Flavius
FranLatin Origin
FannieEnglish:Pet name meaning free; variant of Frances
FredaGerman:Peaceful ruler; feminine form of Frederick
FredericaGerman:Tranquil leader, peaceful ruler; feminine form of Frederick. Three years after founding Georgia in 1733, General James Edward…
FranciscaDutch Origin
FrancoiseFrench Origin
FabienneFrench:Bean grower; feminine variant of Fabian, from the Roman family name Fabius
FilipaPolish Origin
FabiannaLatin:Feminine variant of Fabian, from the Roman family name Fabius
FabianneLatin:Feminine variant of Fabian, from the Roman family name Fabius
FernEnglish:Botanical name for a green plant that loves shade; also a short form of Fernanda
FaeIf you anticipate your baby keeping those dainty little feet, Fae would be a name to consider! Fae is derived from the Old…
FabiolaFabiola is fabulous! While the meaning isn’t super chic—”bean grower”? Really?—this gorgeous name is chock-full of European…
FernandaLatin OriginAdventurer, traveler; feminine form of Fernando
FeliceLatin Origin
FaythEnglish Origin
FarranIrish:Adventurous; some spelling variants are also surnames
FaylinnEnglish:Fairy kingdom
FaelynEnglish:Beautiful fairy
FelicienneFrench Origin
FineenaIrish:Fair at birth; feminine form of Fineen
FairlyEnglish:From the bull”s or sheep”s meadow; a surname and variant of Farley, with a more feminine spelling for girls
FairynEnglish Origin
FalalaAfrican:Born in abundance
FallonIrish:In charge; surname used as a first name
FallynIrish:In charge
FalonIrish:In charge
FanniEnglish:Pet name meaning free; variant of Frances
FanniaEnglish:Pet name meaning free; variant of Frances
FaricaTeutonic:Tranquil leader
FaridaArabic:Unique, peerless; feminine form of Farid
FarrenIrish:Adventurous; some spelling variants are also surnames
FarzanehPersian:Wise; feminine form of Farzan
FaunaDo you envision your litltle girl traipsing barefoot through the forest with a crown of flowers on her head? Then we offer…
FaustineLatin:Fortunate one; feminine form of Faust
FaydellEnglish:Valley fairy
FaymeFrench:Held in high esteem, famous

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