Girl names that start with H

Hello, H names! We’ve got hundreds of baby girl names that start with the letter H, for your happy and hilarious daughter-to-be.

HopeHope is a sweet and simple “virtue name” (along with Charity and Grace) that has been a perennial favorite among parents…
HeatherThis name was so trendy in the 70s and 80s, that there was even a movie named after it (Heathers starring Winona Ryder.)…
HollyEnglish:Holy or holly tree; a beautiful seasonal name for girls born at Christmas, and the name of Audrey Hepburn”s memorable character…
HaleyEnglish:Variant of Halley and Hayley
HaileyA girl’s name meaning “dweller in the hay meadow,” Hailey is spelled over 10 different ways—Haeley, Hayleigh, Hayley, etc.—but…
HarperWhat used to be considered a boys name in the 1800s, Harper gained mainstream popularity when author Harper Lee published…
HelenEnglish OriginLight. Variant of Helena.
HazelIf you’re looking for a botanical name that’s not too flowery, try Hazel. Hazel has a lovely, vintage feel and retains a…
HelenaHelena, the Latin version of Helen is a name fit for a goddess (or baby). In Greek mythology, Helen was the daughter of Zeus…
HannaSimply Hannah without the final H, Hanna is a fresh spelling alternative to the tried and true classic.
HillaryThanks to former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Hillary will forever be associated with strong, go-get-’em…
HalleEnglish:Variant of Halley or Hayley
HarrietEnglish:Rules her household; feminine form of Harry (from Henry)
HeleneFrench:Variant of Helen; In mythology, the abduction of Zeus” mortal daughter Helen sparked the Trojan War.
HilaryEnglish:Cheerful; derived from the Latin Hilarius
HenriettaGerman:Keeper of the hearth, rules her household; feminine form of Henry
HelgaGerman:Blessed, holy
HollieEnglish Origin
HalleyEnglish:From the meadow near the hall (implying large estate or home); a surname also used as a variant of Hayley
HanahHebrew Origin
HarriettFrench:Rules her household; feminine form of Harry (from Henry)
HenrietteFrench:Keeper of the hearth
HarmonyLatin:Unity, concord, musically in tune; Harmonia was the mythological daughter of Aphrodite.
HaydenEnglish:Algerian political leader Ferhat Abbas, Khedive of Egypt Abbas Hilmi, Arabic poet Abbas Ibn Al Ahnaf
HeidiGerman:Sweet or noble; a short form of Adelaide and Adelheid
HavenHaven is truly a contemporary name—it didn’t start showing up on baby names lists until 1990s. It was barely a blip on…
HeroGreek:Hero; In Greek mythology, Hero was the lover of Leander, who would swim across the Hellespont each night to meet her. Hero…
HadleyEnglish:From the heath or heather-covered meadow; a surname now used as a given name
HarlowMoms love the Old Hollywood glamour of this name—as with Ava and Audrey and Sophia—and the fact that it has current celeb…
HayleyEnglish:From the hay meadow; an adapted surname traditionally used as a boys” name, now more common for girls
HermioneGreek:Well-born, earthly; feminine form of Hermes and, in Greek mythology, the daughter of Menelaus and Helen. Kids and adults…
HarleyEven bad girls can reform. While it’s still hard not to think of a revving motorcycle when you hear the name Harley, it’s…
HallieEnglish:Variant of Halley and Hayley
HonourIt doesn’t take PhD to figure out the meaning of this one. Like it’s more common spelling,  Honor, came into popularity…
HattieEnglish:Keeper of the hearth, ruler of her household; abbreviation of Henrietta
HilaHebrew:Praise; feminine form of Hillel
HarmonieEnglish OriginHarmony
HildeGerman:Defending battle maiden. Short form of Hildegard.
HeliaGreek:Sun; feminine form of Helios
HaliaHawaiian:Remembrance of a loved one
HedyGerman:Struggle, strife. Short form of Hedwig, Haduwig.
HettieFrench:Rules her household; from Henrietta
HelgeNorse:Blessed, holy
HennieTeutonic:Ruler of the home
HenrikaSwedish:Rules the home; feminine form of Henry
HannelaHebrew Origin
HonorinaLatin Origin
HabibahEgyptian:My sweetheart, my beloved
HadaraHebrew:Splender, glory; variant of Hadar
HadeyaArabic:Gift, offering; also a spelling variant of Hadya, meaning quiet, well-behaved
HadreaLatin:Dark; from the Adriatic Sea region; feminine variant of Adrian and Hadrian
HafsahArabic:Original meaning unknown; Hafsah, in history, was such a trusted wife of the prophet Mohammed that, after his death, she…
HagarHebrew:Flight; In the Old Testament, Hagar was Sarah”s Egyptian serving-maid who became the concubine to Abraham and mother of…
HakanNorse:Of the chosen, tradionally used as a male name
HakidonmuyaNative American:Time of waiting moon (Hopi)
HalahArabic:Nimble, call to prayer, appearance of the new moon, to rejoice
HalcyoneGreek:Time of peace, kingfisher; In Greek mythology, Halcyone threw herself into the sea after the death of her husband. Out of…
HaldisNorse OriginSpirit of stone

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